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Form-N-Envelope form and envelope combination: Form-N-Envelope is a unique application that gives you a pocket or envelope application built into the form. This is ideal when you need to generate a document and the outgoing envelope in one printing. It can also be used to create a document with the return envelope attached, Form-N-Envelope can be inserted into publications for order forms or information requests. They can also be used as invoice/statement combinations, fundraisers, subscriptions, and order forms. Form-N-Envelope can be folded and inserted in the standard number ten envelopes.

Available in a Laser Compatible blank stock Letter: 8.5" x 14", White 24# Laser Bond Size: Envelope 8.5" x 3.625" We recommend testing printer compatibility before ordering. Request your Form-N-Envelope sample today!

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Letter Size 8.5 X 14

Digital Imprint- Print 4CP 1 side only Add to the stock price above. Please match like quantity. Printing both sides, add twice to cart

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